Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Response: Open Source CMS

Are corporate intrantets generally custom coded, or are they increasingly using either Open Source CMSs / Wikis or commercial intranet or CMS packages?

Well, the USAF (several 100 thousand users) is deploying its ECM solution using a combination of IBM content management & Sharepoint technology. The Army is using a portal based COTS which is not really mainstream software and the Navy is using Sharepoint in many instances. None of these mega-enterprises has yet fully embraced open source content management. In answer to your question, it makes no sense for a larger or global enterprise to develop it's own intranet - many have done this though over the years because they felt it would be cheaper than paying the license fees.

However, as user expectations become more prolific the development team is faced with higher costs and the cost benefit business case starts to fades away. The case for open source CMSs is compelling and will likely help move more IT shops away from custom development towards packaged applications.”

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