Saturday, August 16, 2008

Semantics & Governance

Someone asked me recently whether or not there some type of tangible relationship between Semantic Integration and governance - it was an excellent question and the answer is a resounding "Yes."

Let's approach this at each of the levels where it applies:

Level 1 - Understanding the Nature of Governance at a Conceptual Level

Level 2 - Using Governance as an enterprise process medium

Level 3 - Using Governance as a foundation for detailed policy management (at the technical level)

While much of the current dialog in IT has focused on SOA Governance, IT or Enterprise Governance has a much wider scope than Services Oriented Architecture. And of course all of this extends into business areas or domains that go beyond IT. One of the great things about Semantic Integration is that at its heart it is not limited to Information Technology per se, Semantics provide the foundation for Every aspect of an organization, not just its IT capabilities.

So let's return to level 1 - our first problem is that most organizations don't currently agree on what Governance is. As evidenced by our discussion thusfar, Governance can be directed at many specific areas or be viewed holistically across them all. Semantic Integration helps us determine the core definitions and relationships in this conceptual competition - at the heart of all Governance definitions lies the need to conduct "Oversight." The corollary to that is the ability to engage in active remediation of issues discovered within the scope of oversight. These are both 'management' activities.

Our next post will explore level 1 Governance in more detail...

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